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Things to Do - Noumea

Things to Do - Noumea

Take a look at wonderful highlights of Noumea by riding in a Tchou Tchou Train. For those who like to unravel the secrets of the past, take a historical tour that will take you to the main historical places in Noumea. Also try a private tour with your local guide to enjoy your visit to the entire archipelago.

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  1. Helicopter flight New Caledonia

    NOUMEA - Helicopter Flights

    Find adventure in the sky by flying over the the world's largest lagoon, Anse Vata Bay, Duck Island, the Maîte Island, Larégnère islet, the coral barrier reef, the wreck of Ever Prosperity and the Amédée Lighthouse. 

  2. NOUMEA - Aquarium & Duck Island

    NOUMEA - Aquarium & Duck Island

    Take a trip to the state-of-the-art Aquarium followed by an excursion to Duck Island to relax or snorkel and discover the huge range of tropical fish.

  3. NOUMEA - Gourmet Tour

    NOUMEA - Gourmet Tour

    Take a tour around some of the most tempting spots for French inspired New Caledonian cuisine.

  4. Helicopter flight in New Caledonia

    NOUMEA - Helicopter Flights with Landing

    Fly over Anse Vata Bay, Duck Island, Maîte Island, the coral reef, ship wreck of Ever Prosperity and the Amédée Lighthouse. Land in a secluded spot for lunch or to enjoy a romantic champagne celebration.

  5. Kenu mall in Noumea

    NOUMEA - Mall Tour

    Enjoy a shopping trip to collect mementos and souvenirs from New Caledonia.

  6. Bird Tour in Noumea

    NOUMEA - Bird Tour

    Take the opportunity to try and spot New Caledonia's native bird - The Cagou.

  7. Top of Noumea Cathedral

    NOUMEA - Discover Noumea

    Discover the secrets and pride of Noumea, New Caledonia's colourful and French Melanesian capital city. Hike to the city and marina view point, explore the local markets and visit the unique and wonderful aquarium.

  8. Sweet Bays Tour - New Caledonia Travel Connection

    NOUMEA - Sweet Bays Tour

    Segway tour of Noumea's Lemon Bay and tasting at  "Tonton Jules", one of the oldest chocolate makers of Noumea.

  9. Segway tour

    NOUMEA - Zoological & Forestier Park Visit by Segway

    Spend two hours of relaxation, in an oasis of greenery, in the heart of the city, with a Segway.

  10. Bays Tour by Segway

    NOUMEA - Bays Tour by Segway

    Enjoy big thrills with a Segway, headphones and guide to discover or rediscover the wonderful beaches, bays and lagoon of Noumea.

  11. NOUMEA - Duck Island

    NOUMEA - Duck Island

    This small islet, easily seen from Anse Vata, is truly a tiny paradise and the snorkelling experience will feel like you're in an aquarium!

  12. NOUMEA - Guided Country Tour

    NOUMEA - Guided Country Tour

    The Guided Country Tour is the perfect way to explore the surroundings of Noumea and discover Melanesian culture.

  13. Guided City Orientation Tour - New Caledonia Travel Connection

    NOUMEA - Guided City Orientation Tour

    A fantastic way to acquaint yourself with the city and everything that it has to offer.

  14. Noumea - ULM Lagoon Flights

    Noumea - ULM Lagoon Flights

    Take a flight above Noumea’s stunning lagoon and reef barrier on an ULM (Ultra Light Model) seaplane.

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Noumea Day & City Tours

If you are in Noumea for a short period of time, why not take a day tour instead? Let New Caledonia Travel Connection help you organise your trip.

From spectacular white sandy beaches to well-preserved historic buildings with a beautiful French feel, New Caledonia's capital city Noumea is a perfect combination of South Pacific hospitality and European elegance. Surrounded by a series of charming bays, Noumea sits on a hilly peninsula and offers a range of numerous activities to educate and delight all the senses. Only a two and a half hour flight from Sydney, find yourself dining in an unforgettable French restaurant or challenge yourself to an adventure of a lifetime with an extreme sport experience. All is possible in Noumea!

Visit Place des Cocotiers, the perfect place to watch the world go by, with street markets and boutique shops that are not to be missed.

In 2008, New Caledonia's lagoon was listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, ensuring its conservation for generations to come. At 24,000 sqm, it is the largest natural lagoon in the world, protected by a barrier reef that extends over 1600 km. There are numerous dive centres and sites from which you can access the lagoon, including several off Noumea, all promising amazing scuba diving or snorkelling experiences for all ages. Take a day trip and visit untouched islands that boast sparkling clear water and wonderful coral reefs. Humpback whales are also a common sight during the breeding season.

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