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Island Activities

Island Activities

Nature lovers can now enjoy the lush green mountains and small rivers by hiking or hunting. You can start a hiking trip through Grande Terre going north. Discover the island’s spectacular scenery and finish at Dumbéa.

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  1. NOUMEA - Guided Country Tour

    NOUMEA - Guided Country Tour

    The Guided Country Tour is the perfect way to explore the surroundings of Noumea and discover Melanesian culture.

  2. Bourail beach

    GRANDE TERRE - Discover the Lagoon of Bourail

    This area is a special natural reserve where fish and birds live peacefully. You will discover beautiful white sand beaches and the crystal clear waters of the lagoon.

  3. NOUMEA - The Grand South

    NOUMEA - The Grand South

    Discover the beautiful Southern end of the main island and explore its pristine and unspoiled landscape.

  4. KONE - Package Microflight over the Heart of Voh

    KONE - Package Microflight over the Heart of Voh

    A full package tour and accommodation for 2 guests includes 1 night in the hibiscus Hotel in Kone. Guests will be delighted with the gourmet breakfasts, oceanian dinners and late check-out. The highlights of the package are the 2 overflights of the Lagoon & the Heart of Voh. Each flight lasting for 45 minutes!

  5. Discover the Heart of Voh by 4WD - Kone - New Caledonia Travel Connection

    KONE - Discover the Heart of Voh by 4WD

    A trip to the awe-inspiring view of the Heart of Voh and surrounding lagoon, reef and mountain range. Learn about the history of the area and natural resources such as nickel, one of New Caledonia's main exports.

  6. Traditional Melanesian Hut Visit & Custom Exchange - New Caledonia Travel Connection

    POINDIMIÉ - Traditional Melanesian Hut Visit & Custom Exchange

    Visit a traditional Melanesian hut and bond with the tribe and chief. Experience the life of an ancient Melanesian with fishing techniques, food preparation and arts demonstrated.

  7. A Day in the Blue River Park - Grande Terre - New Caledonia Travel Connection

    GRANDE TERRE - A Day in the Blue River Park

    Explore the Southern end of New Caledonia inlandand the Mouirange Pass. During this day, you will learn a lot of the culture, the fauna and the flora of New Caledonia's main island, Grande Terra.

  8. Visit a Livestock Ranch - Bourail - New Caledonia Travel Connection

    BOURAIL - Visit a Livestock Ranch

    Learn the land, see the livestock herded and enjoy a full lunch and collation from the farmers and farm hands of the ranch.

  9. Unexpected Escape - Private 4WD Tour - Grande Terre - New Caledonia Travel Connection

    GRANDE TERRE - Unexpected Escape - Private 4WD Tour

    On this half day tour, your driver-guide will guide you after the main roads, off the beaten track to discover secret points by trails only accessible with a 4WD. Be accompanied on short guided walks, exploring historical sites such as the old dam, mines and many others.

  10. GRANDE TERRE - 4WD Guided Tour to The Great South - Yate

    GRANDE TERRE - 4WD Guided Tour to The Great South - Yate

    The Great south unveils its most beautiful sites and a worldwide nature from a 4WD be amazed by spectacular sapphire blue lagoon, emerald green vegetation, vast red soil desert land, Yaté Lake, Madeleine Falls and Melanesian tribes.

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New Caledonia Sightseeing

If you are ready to explore the key attractions in New Caledonia, why not enquire about the sightseeing tours that New Caledonia Travel has packaged together?

Pick up a rental car from Noumea International Airport and drive down the south coast to explore different parts of the island.

Visit Place des Cocotiers, the heart of Noumea - a central square that is the perfect place to watch the world go by, and often hosts regular concerts and street markets that are not to be missed.

If you have plans on preparing your own meals, head straight for the biggest Geant supermarket and stock up on cheeses, pates and prosciutto to enjoy on picnics throughout your stay. This is a delicious money saver.

Take the water taxi from Anse Vata Beach across to Ile aux Carnards where you can spend the day relaxing or swimming in the crystal clear ocean. You have the option to either take a picnic or buy from the local cafe. Snorkelling gear is also available to rent.

A must eat - set in an old colonial building in the Latin Quarter, La Chaumiere provides the ultimate fine dining experience. Enjoy your favourite wholesome and hearty French meals.

Catch a 20 minute ferry across to Ilot Maitre for the perfect day trip where you will enjoy a pristine beach with the possibility of swimming with the resident turtles!

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