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Cultural Activities

Cultural Activities

New Caledonian culture is a rich mix of French and Melanesian. French settlers are either French nationals or the Caldoche, who are mostly descendants of French convicts and early nickel miners. The official national language is French but you will find that English is spoken by those working in the tourism industry.

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  1. Guided City Orientation Tour - New Caledonia Travel Connection

    NOUMEA - Guided City Tour

    A fantastic way to acquaint yourself with the city and everything that it has to offer.

  2. NOUMEA - Guided Country Tour

    NOUMEA - Guided Country Tour

    The Guided Country Tour is the perfect way to explore the surroundings of Noumea and discover Melanesian culture.

  3. LIFOU - Day Trip to Lifou

    LIFOU - Day Trip to Lifou

    Lifou is the largest, most varied, dynamic and most populated of the Loyalty Islands, experience the ancient coral atoll and vast plains invaded by forest.

  4. NOUMEA - The Deep South

    NOUMEA - The Deep South

    Discover the beautiful Southern end of the main island and explore its pristine and unspoiled landscape.

  5. ISLE OF PINES - Island Tour

    ISLE OF PINES - Island Tour

    Join this exciting trip to visit the highlights of Isle of Pines including beautiful bays, the village of Vao and Queen Hortense Cave.

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Cultural Activities in New Caledonia

New Caledonia is the one of best kept secrets of the South Pacific, a French paradise on your doorstep. New Caledonia Travel Connection has compiled a list of cultural activities to enjoy so that you can make the most of your holiday in New Caledonia. Click below to find out more.

The Tjibaou Centre offers unforgettable insight into the Kanak culture. Continue your discovery with a viewing of the collection of Oceania and Melanesian artefacts at the Museum of New Caledonia. Visit the Noumea City Museum to learn more about the rich history of the city.

What better place than Noumea to practice your French. It is without doubt the closest country to Australia where you can immerse yourself in the French language and culture. Practice your French when ordering your coffee at the local cafe down the street or visit the famous lively and colourful Port Moselle Market, which is open every morning (except Monday), and speak French while making your purchases of local produce and artisan's works.

In a Guided Cultural Tour, explore the surroundings of Noumea and discover Melanesian culture. You will visit the Tjibaou Cultural Centre, as well as the Miracle Church, followed by a stop at the “Plum Spring,” the source of New Caledonia’s own mineral water.

In Bourail, see up close the local New Caledonian and Melanesian cultures at the Bourail Market held every Saturday morning.

Sail on a traditional outrigger canoe over Upi Bay. Discover the stunning lagoon and bays that surround the Isle of Pines. Drift amidst the peaceful bays, guided by a local boatman, and learn about the island’s culture.

In the East Coast, the culture is full of song, dance and sculpture. From hidden waterfalls and luxuriant valleys to bamboo forests and magnificent tree ferns dotting the hillside, this region is perfect for nature lovers of all ages. This coast also offers amazing snorkelling spots.

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