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Things to Do - New Caledonia

Things to Do - New Caledonia

Visit the Amedée Lighthouse and climb the 247 steps to enjoy the spectacular views, go horseback riding in Grande Terre, swim with humpback whales in the South Lagoon, or take a stroll around the cosmopolitan city of Noumea. New Caledonia offers countless exciting opportunities and experiences, so book your next holiday with us and discover your ultimate adventure.

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  • Take a look at wonderful highlights of Noumea by riding in a Tchou Tchou Train. For those who like to unravel the secrets of the past, take a historical tour that will take you to the main historical places in Noumea. Also try a private tour with your local guide to enjoy your visit to the entire archipelago.

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  • Nature lovers can now enjoy the lush green mountains and small rivers by hiking or hunting. You can start a hiking trip through Grande Terre going north. Discover the island’s spectacular scenery and finish at Dumbéa.

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  • Choose a wide range of lagoon activities in New Caledonia: challenge yourself on a fishing expedition, explore the largest lagoon in the world by kayak, go whale watching, or do wreck diving to see sunken shipwrecks.

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  • New Caledonian culture is a rich mix of French and Melanesian. French settlers are either French nationals or the Caldoche, who are mostly descendants of French convicts and early nickel miners. The official national language is French but you will find that English is spoken by those working in the tourism industry.

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  • New Caledonia offers cooking classes focusing of French or traditional dishes. Prepare to taste the food you’ve just prepared for breakfast or lunch. Take an unforgettable experience as you discover the diverse taste of New Caledonia.

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  • If you fancy strolling on grassy land, try these fascinating golf courses with picturesque views: Tina Golf course, Dumbéa Golf Course and Paillotes de la Ouenghi. This the best time to enjoy an exceptional vacation with your friends or a fancy business trip with a mix of pleasure.

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Activities & Things To Do In New Caledonia

New Caledonia Travel Connection has sourced packages and made a list of highlights of the best things to do when visiting New Caledonia so that you can explore with excitement and confidence, knowing that you are making the most of your experience in New Caledonia. Click below to learn more.

New Caledonia is an adventure lover’s paradise with an abundance of water sports, diving, snorkelling, sailing, surfing, and hiking options to be found. There are countless ways to spend your time while on holiday in New Caledonia, truly something for everyone. Enjoy French cuisine in Noumea, relax on nearby beaches shaded by palm trees, and party in Lemon Bay’s numerous bars and nightlife. Get lost on the North Coast and interact with local Kanak culture, learning more about their customs and history. Rent a car to explore the harder to reach destinations in the New Caledonian Outback and see unforgettable landscapes and vegetation. For the romantics, experiencing the "Heart of Voh" from the air on a scenic flight is a must. Set in four acres of mangrove near to the city of Koné, the perfectly-shaped heart is a unique vegetation formation. On the Isle of Pines, there is plenty to do, from snorkelling in warm lagoon waters and seeing up close the vast diversity of underwater life that New Caledonia has to offer, to taking a cruise on a traditional outrigger canoe through the local bays and more. The Loyalty Islands also offer picture-perfect tropical landscapes set on an impossibly beautiful lagoon. The Loyalty Islands and Isle of Pines remain largely traditional outside the resorts, so explore further to learn more about New Caledonian people and their heritage. The list is long and your choices are many, but in the end, all guarantee a wonderful holiday full of new discoveries and adventure for you and your loved ones in New Caledonia.

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