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Loyalty Islands

Loyalty Islands

The Loyalty Islands offer a whole new world to explore, all only a 45 minute domestic flight from Noumea which departs daily.  The six islands share an incredible natural beauty and are mainly populated by the hospitable Kanak people.  Each island also has its own charm and attractions and each offers something special for those lucky enough to visit.

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Loyalty Islands


The Loyalty Islands offer a whole new world to explore, all only a 45 minute domestic flight from Noumea which departs daily. The Loyalty Islands are composed of six islands, each with their own charm and attractions. Lifou is the largest island with immaculate beaches, volcanic cliffs, deep tropical forests, immense caves and a rich history. Ouvéa is one of the most beautiful atolls in the Pacific. It has a single road running alongside a long white sand beachfront, bordered with coconut palms facing the lagoon. Maré has a wild beauty, with deeply carved cliffs, basalt rocks, dark forests, and long undisturbed beaches. Tiga is the smallest of the Loyalty Islands, and can be visited as a day trip from Lifou.

Our Must Dos in the Loyalty Islands

• Enjoy a hike along the beautiful grey Lekiny Cliffs overlooking turquoise lagoon waters.
• Pont de Mouli is a bridge at the top of Ouvéa where you can admire sharks, turtles, and rays swimming beneath you.
• The blue hole of Hanawa is amazing and well worth a visit.

• Located on the northwest corner of Lifou, the Chapelle Notre Dame de Lourdes was built in 1898 to commemorate the arrival of the first Catholic missionaries.
• The limestone caves near Luengoni Beach have beautiful deep rock pools which shimmer emerald green when you shine a torch on the water.
• Visit the Vanilla Plantation and a beautiful botanical garden.
• Take a swim from Jokin Cliffs.

• Maré is known for its sinkholes, especially Trou de Bone and Le Bone de Leproserie.
• Be sure not to miss the panoramic view point over Patho and Kurine Beaches.

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Loyalty Islands

New Caledonia is one of the best kept secrets of the South Pacific, a French paradise on your doorstep. Click below to learn more about the Loyalty Islands.

The Loyalty Islands are only a forty five minute plane ride from Noumea. The islands each have their own charm, but all boast stunning beaches. Ouvéa is beautiful for honeymooners, offering one of the most amazing atolls in the Pacific. There is plenty to do in Ouvéa, such as hiking along the grey Lekiny Cliffs overlooking clear turquoise lagoon waters. The blue hole of Hanawa is also amazing and worthy of a visit. Lifou is the largest of the Loyalty Islands, with volcanic cliffs and deep tropical forest. Be sure to take a swim from the Cliffs of Jokin. Drehu Village is a three-star hotel located on Chateaubriand Bay, conveniently close to Lifou's main town, with bungalows that offer every convenience for a dream stay in an idyllic setting. The island of Maré has a wild beauty and long beaches and is known for its sinkholes in Troude Bone and Le Bone De Leproserie.

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