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HIENGHENE - Diving & Snorkelling Tour

HIENGHENE - Diving & Snorkelling Tour



The Coral Reef with its numerous caves, offers an ideal refuge for thousands of multi-coloured tropical fish, turtles, giant coral trout, humpback parrot-fish, deep sea fish, lagoon and reef sharks. Pelagic deep sea fish also cruise silently around this area. 

Scuba diving:

Thanks to Hienghene’s coral bed resources, the majority of our dives take place in a 20-meter deep zone. This zone is wealthier and less dangerous than deep-sea dive and we rather dive for an hour than spend 15 minutes 40 meters deep.

This zone is part of the world’s heritage and is located at the heart of the first protected marine area of the north-west coast. The biodiversity is truly exceptional.
We offer around fifteen sites each different from one another. The only invariability: diversity and numerous species to see.

You will also be appealed by the beautiful architecture of sites penetrated by arches, fractures, tunnels and canyons.

The spots:

• Daïman Reef – Cathédrale : a deep rift leads into a tunnel which emerges into an area frequented by large pelagic.marine life.. the dive then continues in the void with the seabed being more than 55 metres below), along a breathtakingly high wall. The beautiful gorgonia and the abundant sealife attached to the walls can’t let you forget the passing by of humpback parrotfish (October, November), tuna, barracuda, tazars, grey sharks and "albimarginatus..."

• Hienghène Pass - a haven for whales : large humpback whales can often be observed near the great Hienghène pass or inside the lagoon, between July and November. These mammals particularly like this area north of Hienghène island. The dive begins with the descent into a well which emerges under a large arch dotted with gorgonia.

• Hiengu Pass : the Fonti reef is a large coral massif sheltered from the tradewinds. Two large caves whose ceilings open up to the surface deliver a very nice perspective as well as beautiful plays of light on gardens of pristine coral where many rock ling have made their home. 

Organization of the "2 exploration dives":
They are always organized in the morning - RDV at 7:30am at the diving club / return at 12:30pm.
There is one hour break between the 2 dives.


Snorkelling and boat rides 

Snorkelling trip: 
Trips are organized to Hiengha Islet, only 15 minutes from the diving centre and the first Provincial park in the Northern Province (listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage site). Snorkeling trips are very accessible. You will be guided on the marine path and get explanation about the relationship between the sea, the land and the Melanesian culture

Boat rides:
2.00 p.m. Meeting at the diving center.
This trip begins by the sea, from  where you can admire majestic cliffs of Lindéralique, pass at the foot of the famous "brooden Hen" , and to discover the bay and the village of Hienghène.
Then, you will join the river, where the mangrove swamp decorates the river banks of its tied vegetation. You can perceive the various sorts of mangroves (trees with roots stilts). Traditional outriggers, houses at the water's edge and traditional fishermen, bear witness to the lifestyle in tribe.
French comments and anecdotes will be given to you throughout the trip.
4.00 p.m: End of the excursion



  • Transport to the snorkelling spot
  • Guide
  • Ffins, mask, snorkel, wetsuit short sleeve 3mm


  • AQUALUNG - scuba diving equipment brand
  • ERSUB - underwater lighting equipment brand


  • Handling fees

Important Notes

  • Divers must have their diving certificate
  • 2 persons minimum
  • Dives are possible every day, except in case of bad weather conditions

For Dive Certification: Ask us about introductory Dive courses in New Caledonia!
Level 1 ANMP / PADI Open Water / PADI advanced open water

The Diving Club:
  • Club created in 2000
  • New Caledonia’s dive association
  • National association of dive instructors
  • Longitude 181 Nature (marine life protection and fair sharing of resources)

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