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New Caledonia Blog

New Caledonia Blog

Why New Caledonia is More Than Beaches and Water

A dream vacation in an overwater villa suspended on crystal clear waters that edge along a kilometre of powder-fine white sand pops into mind when someone mentions New Caledonia.  Indeed, it is one of the most sought after beach holiday destinations in the world. Blame it to its enchanting lagoon, brimming with exotic marine life, proclaimed as the largest in the world and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Beach and water—that summarises New Caledonia.

But wait until this misconception goes down the drain once you finish reading this article.

The archipelago is geographically diverse with people conforming to a rich and unique culture, even before it became a French territory. This alone makes New Caledonia more than just some typical tropical island.

Festivals and events all year round

If you love great music, dancing, and an endless day of eating and partying, you should not miss the festivals that take place throughout the year. In New Caledonia, almost every village, if not the entire island, always has a special celebration related to food, harvest, sports, and/or religion.

New Caledonia festivals and events

Join locals as they parade and dance to celebrate the beginning of the yam harvest, usually happening between February and April.  Witness boats of different sizes as they sail over the vast lagoon in an international boating event, conducted around May or June, called the Great Lagoon Regatta.

Take part in the grandest festival of the capital, the Noumea Carnival. This parade is a show-stopper and something you haven’t seen before! From glitzy and colourful costumes to enormous floats and non-stop dancing in the streets, you’ll lose track of time.

The list of exciting celebrations is so long, you’ll never run out of them.

Delectable and interesting cuisine

Admit it, you think about food way more than anything else in this world! New Caledonia has a lot to offer when it comes to food. Its cuisine is so refreshing, an offspring of Melanesian flavours and French culinary, usually made up of fresh seafood and locally grown fruits.

Kanak and French cuisines

Something’s wrong with your taste buds if you don’t find bougna exquisite. This traditional Melanesian dish is wrapped up in banana leaves, a medley of lobster or fish, chicken, yams, and coconut milk.

Bored with ordinary meals? Exotic, somewhat strange, dishes are also served at restaurants and local diners. One of these is stewed bat. Doesn’t sound particularly appetising but Civet de Rousette won’t be that popular if it tastes unpleasant, right? The meat is marinated first in a red wine sauce before it’s cooked, leaving a very interesting tang once it hits your palate.

Find out more of these gastronomic pleasures when you visit Grand Terre, Isle of Pines, and other islands.

Untouched wilderness

Tired of flapping your feet underwater? Then get out of the ocean and drive to the Great South where the world is literally painted red.

Blue River Provincial Park

Don’t miss the stunning, breathtaking landscapes of Blue River Provincial Park, the biggest park in New Caledonia. Behold the land before time, home to plant and animal lineages dating back to the Jurassic period.

Embark on an exciting adventure to discover the Yaté village, La Madeleine waterfalls, and Plum Spring. You will find these and more when you go deeper into botanical trails and unspoilt areas few tourists have gone to. Kanak villagers are friendly so getting lost is not a problem at all. It makes the experience more exciting instead!

A day is not enough to tell you all the fascinating things about New Caledonia and you’ve just heard the tip of the iceberg! See for yourself and we promise you’ll never regret a piece of this existing paradise.

For more information, our New Caledonia destination specialists are always ready to answer your enquiries. Call us at 1300 108 625 and be one step closer to an amazing New Caledonia vacation.


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