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New Caledonia Blog

Learn French in New Caledonia

French is the main language spoken in New Caledonia, even in the most remote villages. What better place than Noumea to practice your French. It is without doubt the closest place to immerse yourself in the French language and culture from Australia.

A decree was implemented in 1853 to teach French in every school. Since then, French is mainly spoken in the entire archipelago.

There are many ways how to learn French in New Caledonia:

  • Practice your French at the bakery down the road or at the famous Port Moselle Market
  • Some schools and institutions offer language tours like the Centre de Rencontres et d’Échanges Internationaux du Pacifique (CREIPAC) in Noumea.

Here are the most common French language that you must learn during your stay in New Caledonia:

Good morning – Bonjour Good evening – Bonsoir Salut – Hi Au revoir – Goodbye S'il vous plaît / S'il te plait – Please (formal / informal) A bientôt – See you soon Merci (beaucoup) – Thank you (very much) De rien – You're welcome A tout à l'heure – See you soon Oui / non – Yes / no

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