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New Caledonia Blog

New Caledonia Blog

New Caledonia for Honeymooners

After the much-awaited wedding with your loved one, it’s time to seek a romantic and memorable place to spend quality time together away from the city. The sound of the clear waters splashing on the beach, the smell of fresh forest leaves, all of these invite you to come to New Caledonia.

Noumea, the capital is like France with its French cuisine, French-speaking people, great nightlife, topless sun bathing and more.


The islands

You can choose to stay in the main city of Noumea or in the surrounding islands for more exclusivity, especially at the Isle of Pines. Noumea has a wide array of accommodation and is more cosmopolitan than New Caledonia’s neighbouring islands. From the moment you arrive, you will find numerous restaurants and shopping spots in the city.

bungalow suite at Le Meridien Isle of Pines

Where to stay

Accommodation of different types are available in New Caledonia. Enjoy a perfect stay at a posh hotel with spectacular views of the bays surrounding the archipelago. The Overwater bungalows  or Le Meridien Isle Of Pines Beach Bungalows are a Dream coming True.

breakfast at Le Sextant Restaurant

What to eat

Food in New Caledonia has always been great thanks to its mix of mostly European and Asian influence. Food choices include African, Indonesian, Chinese, French, Indonesian, Italian and Spanish. In most restaurants, you will find salads of raw fish, crabs, lobsters, prawns, oysters and the local delicacy called “bougna”.

Microbrewery Les 3 Brasseurs is a well-known brewery in Baie des Citrons where you can choose from blonde, amber, or brown. Near Baie des Citrons is Anse Vata where you can find a wine bar called Le Bilboquet Plage with good wine choices. Another good place to eat or drink is the Restaurant La Chaumière at the city centre, highly recommended for its delicious meals and desserts!


What to do

Newlywed couples will love the French atmosphere in New Caledonia – sweet and romantic. Fine dining over wine and steak and a private stay in a luxurious hotel, New Caledonia has it all.

Get a total relaxation in one of the beautiful islands. Honeymoon packages include activities and experiences you don’t have to miss. Snorkel in the vast lagoon of colourful coral reefs and tropical fishes, visit the Ouen Toro Hill with panoramic views of Noumea, or enjoy an authentic French cuisine in various gourmet restaurants.


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