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New Caledonia Blog

New Caledonia Blog

Top 10 Activities to Do in New Caledonia


1. Reach the top of the lighthouse on Amédée Island – after being built in Paris, the lighthouse was sent to New Caledonia in 1862. At 56 metres tall, you can see the wonderful views from the top of the lighthouse. Snorkel around the island to see large numbers of sea creatures.


2. Visit the vanilla plantation in Lifou – residents in Lifou grow vanilla for sale to visitors or for export. Over 120 producers and farmers provide 100% natural vanilla. A festival is also being held at the site of the Mu tribe.


3. Visit the Tjibaou Cultural Centre – built in honour of the assassinated New Caledonian political leader in 1989, the cultural centre is located in a woodland and mangrove setting on Tina Peninsula. It was designed by Italian architect Renzo Piano and modelled after a traditional Kanak village.


4. Take advantage of Anse Vata Beach – stretched along the bay of Anse Vata, the beach is a popular destination for various water activities. You can get a nice view of the beach from Noumea while dining in fine French restaurants or partying at a local night club.


5. Zoological and Forest Park – set in 36 acres, the park has a wide variety of the archipelago’s flora and fauna. See the rare cagou birds, spot the colourful parakeets and aboriginal monkeys. It is a well-kept zoo children will enjoy.

6. Visit the Musee de Nouvelle Caledonie – if you want learn about the traditional Kanak and other regional Pacific culture, then the Musee de Nouvelle Caledonie is a must-see. Created in 1971, the museum showcases arts and relics depicting the early kanak life.


7. Kanumera Bay – located in Isle of Pines and is popular for snorkelling and fish watching. The natural shades of the sea and colourful corals attract many tourists. Feel the vibes of forever summer.


8. Interact with Kanak people and learn how to cook a bougna from them – made from taro, yam, chicken, onions and other seasonings, as they enlighten you about their everyday living, plants and village life.


9. Hike – with several mountains surrounding the entire archipelago, New Caledonia is surely a great place to shed sweat thru hiking. Several spots to choose from include Mont-Dore, Dumbéa Gorges, Mount Koghi, and Mount Panié.


10. Visit Port Moselle Market – open every morning except Monday, this is where local fishermen unload their freshly-caught fish. Find a wide array of fruits and vegetables, breads, cheeses and seafood.


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