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New Caledonia Blog

New Caledonia Blog

When To Travel In New Caledonia

Lush green forests, mild sway of conifers and crystal blue waters. Delight your senses with all the beauty that surrounds you. New Caledonia is a mix of French sophistication and Pacific paradise making it an ideal holiday destination.

Located 1,210 km (750 mi) east of Australia above the Tropic of Capricorn, New Caledonia is enjoying its isolation from its neighbouring nations making it extremely diverse offering a wide range of local species. About 40% of the population is indigenous islanders.

The tropical climate is just right to enjoy the white sand beaches. Generally, the archipelago has a sunny and moderate climate. It is best to visit New Caledonia from September to November when it is warm and sunny with temperatures from 26-30°C. Temperatures begin to rise and this is the least rainy months of the year. This is the peak season of the year when tourists go on holidays with higher hotel prices. December to March are the hottest but rainy months and may bring in hurricane or cyclones, making it uncomfortable to travel and relax on the beach. The cooler months of April to August begin when the temperature decreases and the islands are fresh from the heat and rains, ranging from 21°-24°C. This may not be the best time to get clad in your skinny bikini but it is the best time to enjoy land activities such as mountain climbing, hiking, cycling and horseback riding.


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