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New Caledonia is the closest french island to Australia and New Zealand. Aircalin is the national airline and offers 6 flights per week departing Sydney, 3 flights per week departing Brisbane,  3 flights per week departing Melbourne.

British explorer Captain James Cook named the island “New Caledonia” since the north eastern part of the island reminded him of Scotland. In 1853, it became a French colony and a French Overseas Territory in 1946.

Here are 4 quick facts about New Caledonia for Beginners:

Travel - New Caledonia
  1.  There are many colonial buildings, parks and museums in the capital city of Noumea which make a huge attraction for those who go on sight-seeing the city.
Noumea - New Caledonia
  1. You may opt to walk a little further away from the main eating places and there you will find cheaper restaurants.
Le Meridien - Isle of Pines - New Caleodonia
  1. New Caledonia offers a wide variety of accommodation ranging from 5-star to hostels, gites and farm stay.
Noumea - New Caledonia
  1. Buses are cheaper if you want to get around the island. If you want to see the tourist spots, you may take the popular and cool Le Petit Train. It’s still best to choose packages with airport transfers.

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