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New Caledonia Blog

New Caledonia Blog

  • Two Recipes to learn French & Kanak Cuisine

    Staying in New Caledonia means that you have to be “French” for a little while. Once you’re done learning their language, why not study about their cuisines? The sophisticated French taste in New Caledonia is mixed with the colourful, tropical Pacific lifestyle. The traditional cuisine in New Caledonia is compos... Read More »

  • Learn French in New Caledonia

    French is the main language spoken in New Caledonia, even in the most remote villages. What better place than Noumea to practice your French. It is without doubt the closest place to immerse yourself in the French language and culture from Australia. A decree was implemented in 1853 to teach French in every school. S... Read More »

  • New Caledonia for Honeymooners

    After the much-awaited wedding with your loved one, it’s time to seek a romantic and memorable place to spend quality time together away from the city. The sound of the clear waters splashing on the beach, the smell of fresh forest leaves, all of these invite you to come to New Caledonia. Noumea, the capital is like... Read More »

  • New Caledonia for Families

    New Caledonia has plenty of reasons why it is an ideal destination for families who seek kid-friendly attractions and nice white sand beaches. It’s fun to let your kids know about new culture. New Caledonia is like France in a tropical setting and you are about to speak a little French. Immerse in a different worl... Read More »

  • 5 Top Experiences in Noumea

    Here are New Caledonia Travel Connection 5 Picks: 1. Visit & learn– Tjibaou Centre offers an unforgettable insight into Kanak culture. Continue your discovery with a collection of Oceania and Melanesian artefacts at the Museum of New Caledonia.   2. Take a day trip to  Amedee Lighthouse from Anse Va... Read More »

  • Top 10 Activities to Do in New Caledonia

    1. Reach the top of the lighthouse on Amédée Island – after being built in Paris, the lighthouse was sent to New Caledonia in 1862. At 56 metres tall, you can see the wonderful views from the top of the lighthouse. Snorkel around the island to see large numbers of sea creatures. 2. Visit the vanilla plantation... Read More »

  • Top 10 Reasons to Travel to New Caledonia

    New Caledonia is a French paradise nearest in Australia, making it a popular holiday destination among travellers who seek the sun, sea, beach with a French feel. With a land area of more than 18,000 square kilometres, there’s a lot of never-ending beauty that New Caledonia can offer. 1. A taste of France, literal... Read More »

  • When To Travel In New Caledonia

    Lush green forests, mild sway of conifers and crystal blue waters. Delight your senses with all the beauty that surrounds you. New Caledonia is a mix of French sophistication and Pacific paradise making it an ideal holiday destination. Located 1,210 km (750 mi) east of Australia above the Tropic of Capricorn, New Cale... Read More »

  • New Caledonia for Beginners

      New Caledonia is the closest french island to Australia and New Zealand. Aircalin is the national airline and offers 6 flights per week departing Sydney, 3 flights per week departing Brisbane,  3 flights per week departing Melbourne. British explorer Captain James Cook named the island “New Caledonia” ... Read More »

  • Travel Tips

    For those who love nature, I suggest taking a nice trip to New Caledonia. The French territory boasts its largest lagoon in the world and a 1,500km-long coral reef that feature a unique diversity of species. Find a wide variety of tropical fish, sharks, seabirds, whales and dugongs (or sea cows) among others. Conifer... Read More »

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