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West Coast

West Coast

The West Coast consists of vast plains for livestock farming. This region offers nice views of “niaouli” tree which produces an essential oil that acts as decongestant and wound healer. Explore mountains and mangrove-laden coastline. Don’t forget the popular “heart of Voh” that’s made out of mangroves in New Caledonia.

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  1. Sheraton New Caledonia Deva Spa & Golf Resort

    Sheraton New Caledonia Deva Spa & Golf Resort | Located in Bourail

    Superior Elegance

    Facing clear blue waters and the UNESCO World Heritage barrier reef, the Sheraton New Caledonia Deva Resort & Spa features modern high-tech rooms, luxurious suites, beach bungalows and an onsite 18 Hole Golf Course.

    • Panoramic views of the UNESCO World Heritage barrier reef
    • Direct access to 18 hole golf course and beach
    • International restaurant, cafe, bar and lounge
    • Signature Sheraton amenities
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West Coast Accommodation, Hotels & Resorts

Find your perfect accommodation in the West Coast. Compare New Caledonia Travel Connections hotel & resort partners prices and enjoy your holiday in comfort.

The West Coast is cowboy country, with the landscape mainly composed of vast plains used for livestock farming, and a coastline dotted with mangrove swamps and shallow bays. Try to have a scenic flight to discover the Heart of Voh from the air or hike across the mountains from Voh to the Hienghène Valley along the Chemin des Arabes in a couple of days. Choose among the best accommodation in the West Coast.

Hibiscus Hotel is located in the town of Koné. This charming family hotel is tastefully decorated; there is a swimming pool on site, a landscaped zen garden and a gourmet restaurant and bar. The Hibiscus Hotel owners are very welcoming. One hour scenic flight excursion operates from Hibiscus hotel. Discover a new world full of wonders, savour the thrilling sensations of flying in a small plane. You will be privileged with a unique experience overlooking the gems of the Kone region: the ‘Heart of Voh

La Nea Hotel is a warm, family-run hotel which is a great base for a fantastic adventure in the Northern province. You will discover the magnificent landscapes of the New Caledonian far West while walking, horseback riding or on a 4WD excursion.

Koniambo Hotel is located on the edge of Koné, and is an ideal starting point to discover the rural activities available in the landscapes of the New Caledonian Wild West. The hotel is comfortable, well equipped and has a restaurant.

To make this fabulous dream into a reality, book your New Caledonia West Coast accommodation.

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